Roomba 780 vs 880

The name iRobot has nearly become synonymous with robotic vacuum cleaners. This worldwide producer has over the years produced products that have actually taken cleaning up to an entire new level. They have actually been quite a life-saver, particularly for those with busy lives. Due to the ever-increasing competitors, the company chose to enhance on its previous items. And the next thing you know, it developed new and improved designs. Amongst the most noteworthy ones are iRobot Roomba 780 and iRobot Roomba 880.

A Bit Quieter
Although all Roomba items are peaceful enough for you to view or sleep TV while they remain in usage, the 880 design is even quieter than the 780 design. This can be a great benefit for a customer that appears to pick up each sound. It can likewise assist to minimize anxiety of animals that might get anxious with any sounds in the house.

Some customers feel that they actually can’t tell a hug difference in the sound reduction of the Roomba 880. They do concur though that the Roomba 780 model is very peaceful and that if they are doing their routine jobs or relaxing in your home they are never sidetracked by any sounds the device makes. Attempt talking, sleeping, or relaxing when somebody has a routine vacuum cleaner on and it is practically impossible!

A Bit Faster
The amount of time it takes for the Roomba 880 to clean floors is less than the Roomba 780. If you have large flooring areas or the need to clean them often, this is definitely a benefit you will be interested in. The 880 design can clean up the average flooring in about 3/4 of the time that it takes for the 780 design to do the very same task.

Both models feature the very same battery, however because the 880 model cleans up much faster you don’t have to fret as much about running it down in the middle of a cleaning session. You can acquire a replacement lithium battery for the Roomba 880 that will allow you cut the quantity of recharging time in half (check out my list here for a full introduction of the best replacement batteries).

Cleans Better
When you look at the physical appearance of the Roomba 780 and the Roomba 880, they are very similar. The 880 design has the ability to clean better. This results in suction power that is 5x exactly what the Roomba 780 deals.

A Roomba can be used on all flooring types. If you have carpets, you will wish to choose the Roomba 880 as it does get better reviews when it concerns how well it cleans up carpeted areas. If that carpet is deep and thick either which can be an issue with some robotic cleaners, it doesn’t matter.

Comparable Navigation
Both Roomba models walk around and create cleansing patterns based on an internal algorithm. You do not need to fret about it damaging furnishings or other products that remain in its course. These have barrier detection and bumpers to avoid these kinds of scenarios.

They are clever adequate to prevent going down flights of stairs (cliff identifying sensors). You may need to move some products out of the way though such as cables. Otherwise, the device could get stuck and not be able to move. It will just being in one location until you move it or till the battery goes dead. When they are able to easily move, both designs will return to the dock and begin to recharge once cleansing is complete.

Roomba 880 Benefits
– Significantly larger dust bin
– New AeroForce Cleaning System (better clean).
– New Tangle-Free particles extractors (simpler to keep).
– Less general upkeep required.
– New extended life battery pack (longer lasting).

Roomba 780 Benefits
– Features extra cleansing tools.
– Over $150 more affordable.

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