Navratna Ring

Navratna Ring is getting more and more famous due to the fact that of its Astrological benefits and elegant appearances. When using astrological solutions either one can use Gemstone Ring based their zodiac or horoscope or use a Navratna or Navagraha which has all the 9 stones representing the all 9 planets. Navratna describes the nine gems associated to the 9 worlds utilized in Vedic astrology. The word nava indicates ‘nine’ and ratna suggests ‘gem’ in the Sanskrit language. Navratnas are thought about advantageous and thought to provide the wearer Good Health, Success, Joy and Comfort. It fends off unfavorable energies or malefic effects of Planets and enhances the positive impacts of the gems.

The word navratna is made up of 2 words: nava, which implies nine and ratna which suggests gem. Navratna ring is one ring in which 9 various gems are placed strategically. These nine gems portray the power of nine planets.
The nine gems and the planet they are related to are:
– Ruby (manikyam) represents Surya (Sun).
– Emerald (marakatam) represents Budha (Mercury).
– Pearl (muktaaphalam) represents Chandra (Moon).
– Diamond (vajram) represents Shukra (Venus).
– Red Coral (vidrumam) represents Mangala (Mars).
– Blue sapphire (niilam) represents Shani (Saturn).
– Yellow sapphire (pushparajam) represents Bá¹›haspati (Jupiter).
– Hessonite (gomeda) represents Rahu (the ascending lunar node).
– Cat’s Eye (vaidooryam) represents Ketu (the descending lunar node).

Ways to use Navratna ring?
A Navratna ring ought to constantly be worn on the anamika i.e. the ring finger. Males need to wear it on their ring finger of their right hand and females should use it on their ring finger of their left hand. Ensure that the blue sapphire gem is to the nail of the diamond and the finger is towards your body. The yellow sapphire needs to be on the red coral and the best side need to be on the left side of the wearer. The purpose of wearing a navratna ring is to safeguard yourself from negative energy and to increase the favorable energy. You ought to constantly speak with an astrologer before using one as he can advise you the finest time and day for wearing the ring.

Advantages of Navratna ring
– The navratna ring fend off any destructive or negative energy of the nine worlds. It likewise increases the favorable influences of these worlds on the user.
– It serves as a protective shield against danger and illness.
– It eliminates any obstacle from the path of success.
– It brings health, prosperity, luck and joy in one’s life.
– It cures depression and increases concentration.
– It gets rid of challenges in marital relationships and assists in attaining a joyous marital life.

Ways to know whether the Navratna ring is authentic or not?
Nowadays there are lots of people who sell fake navratna ring at a lower price. Using such ring will have no effect on an individual. If you want a genuine Navratna ring then keep the following points in mind.
1. Look at the plan of gems in a Navratna ring. If the ruby is not in center then it’s a fake ring. If not then don’t buy the ring.
2. There are lots of phony gems available in market. Always get a credibility certificate for the gems. You can get it from any shop which sells authentic Navratna ring. If the shopkeeper chooses not to offer the authenticity certificate then the ring is fake.
Never ever purchase a ring which has actually cracked or fissured gem. Any gem which looks rough or sandy or is devoid of radiance should not be utilized for making Navratna ring.
4. The base metal of the ring ought to always be gold or silver of great quality.

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