Lesche Digger

Lesche digging tool with a serrated left side when holding it. This double-edged Digger has a saw tooth edge on one side of the blade to cut through roots & a blade on the other to cut through Tuff grass & dirt. The lesche digging tool has a comfortable rubber grip handle with hand guard plate. This digging tool does the job of trowel, knife and tiller. The list might go on for users of this well-designed tool. Consists of Cordura nylon belt holster to safely carry the tool at your side. This double-edged digger has a saw tooth edge on one side of the blade to cut through roots and a blade on the other to cut through tuff yard and dirt. The Lesche digging tool has a comfy rubber grip manage with hand guard plate.

– The ultimate digging tool
– Preferably suited for nursery, camping, landscaping and metal spotting.
– Blade length of 7 in., width of 1 3/4 in.
– Comes with helpful belt holder
– Made in the U.S.A
– Trust Lesche, The Initial!
– Walter Lesche concerned the USA in 1952, unknown and poverty-stricken with the English language.

With the Lesche Digging Tool from W.W. Production Co. For years, my go-to multi-purpose gardening tool was a hori (Japanese digging knife). It’s been supplanted by the Lesche Digging Tool.

Easy to Hold
With a large, comfy, plastic deal with, it’s easy to get an excellent grip on the Lesche tool. The deal with is ribbed so your hand doesn’t move up and down while you’re digging. And the deal with is bright red. That’s best for someone like me who’s constantly forgetting tools out in the garden– it’s simple to discover it in the middle of the plant.

Blade Guard to Secure Your Hand
With other digging knives, it’s easy for your hand to slip down onto the blade. With the Lesche Digging Tool, the blade guard avoids that. Plus, it secures your hand from sharp items in the soil when you’re digging.

Lesche Digging Tool Simple to Utilize and Versatile
With a trowel, you tend to utilize a forward, underhand motion to dig holes. However with the Lesche Digging Tool, the natural action is to stab the tool directly into the ground and pull it toward you. A lot easier! It’s also simple to slice through roots when weeding, cut through sod (we’ve used it to edge a flower bed), dig trenches (we laid soaker pipe in the trenches), weed between pavers or bricks, cut twine or plant ties, therefore much more.

Strong Blade
The blade on the Lesche Digging Tool is relatively thick and is heat-treated for higher strength. I have actually used it to pry up paving stones, move rocks, and dig through gravel, all without so much as a dent in the blade.

Great for Cutting
The blade edges are dull when you buy the tool. If you’re unpleasant with sharp tools, you can use the Lesche Digging Tool as is. We suggest honing it with a grinder or mill file; it’ll make your work that much easier.

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