Jet Stream Oven

Fresh dough items are especially well matched and raise higher than they would in your oven! The circular motion of cyclonic cooking creates an air flow which actually pulls the dough upward causing the boost in volume. It is best not to pre-heat the oven and use LOW fan when baking so that a crust does not form too rapidly since of the really brief cooking times. This will permit optimum increasing and prevent the surface area from becoming too brown while the interior reaches the desired consistency. Use HIGH fan for a minute or 2 if more browning is needed.

A user friendly LED screen makes programming and utilize so simple. A 99 minute digital timer and temperature range setting from 200-400 degrees F will offer you the flexibility you require. This Jet Stream Oven grills, roasts, bakes, broils, and air fry. It beats ovens, microwaves and convection ovens, and can be a super-efficient addition to your cooking area! The Nesco/ American Harvest Jet Stream Oven 2 cooks remarkable quality food as much as 3 times faster than traditional ovens, as much as 2 times quicker than stoves. Cooks most foods as quick as a microwave but with much better quality. Unlike a microwave oven, the Nesco Jet Stream Oven ® produces fluffy baked items and browned, tender meats. You will be pleased with the yummy outcomes this Jet Stream creates!

The Jet Stream 2 Oven offers a new and interesting strategy for cooking veggies. ‘Air Frying’ offers the crisp taste of fried foods without the grease that typically supports them. In the consisted of recipes you will find some fascinating applications of this new procedure “Jet Stream 2 potatoes” for example, is our equivalent to french fries without the regret! In addition, you can prepare your favorites in a fraction of the traditional time, or for a total meal, integrate veggies and meats for mix concepts.

The Nesco Jet Stream Oven, 1250W, is three times faster than a standard oven. It is also 2 times much faster than convection ovens and as fast as a microwave oven, however provides remarkable food quality and taste. A recipe book and cooking rack are included with the Jet Stream 2 oven to assist you get started with use.

Nesco 1250W Jet Stream Oven, White:
– 1250W
– Oven quality food, microwave quick
– The Nesco oven, white has a glass viewing cover
– BPA-free and dishwashing machine safe
– Patented cyclonic cooking
– 6-1 cooking system: Roast, grill, bake, broil, air fry, and steam
– Variety temperature level 200-400 degrees
– Timer as much as 99 minutes with vehicle off
– Includes: Recipes and cooking rack

It is up to 3 times faster than a conventional oven, up to 2 times much faster than convection ovens and is as fast as a microwave oven however provides remarkable taste and quality food. Your new Jet Stream 2 Oven is perfect for ideal because the since cooking action quickly sears rapidly burns allowing the outside to brown while the inside stays moist. In addition to the extraordinary taste, the Jet Stream 2 Oven takes the effort out of cooking.

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