How To Get Rid Of Lice With Listerine

These days there are concerns that conventional lice treatments and prescription lice medication have too lots of chemicals and toxins in them. Some research studies even reveal that lice can become immune to the pesticides in these over the counter lice treatments due to overuse. Use this listerine louse treatment at home to not just help but treat avoid louse infestation.

Why use a Listerine Lice Treatment in the house to Get Rid of Lice?
Listerine lice treatments are less expensive and less hazardous than the expert louse solutions you can purchase in the store, making them a better option for many people. However how does a listerine louse treatment work? Listerine contains about 27 percent alcohol along with organic oils such as oil of thyme, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and wintergreen oil. The alcohol is harmful to the louse and the oils suffocate them, making listerine a good natural home remedy for head lice.

Repeat the treatment as soon as a week as needed. Make certain to completely scrub and clean anything in your kid’s life that might be home to lice: sheets and pillow cases, toys, car seats, hats, etc. Anything that can’t be bleached, sterilized, laundered, or washed should be kept in a tied-off plastic trash can for two weeks until the lice have actually died.

When we consider the most popular treatments for head louse, undoubtedly the first idea that comes to mind is ClearLice; our line of products has actually been shown to get rid of lice and nits within 24 Hr with no of the dangers normally connected with other head louse products that are produced with damaging chemicals and dangerous pesticides. Not everyone is yet mindful of the effectiveness of ClearLice natural lice products and tend to rely on other, home remedies when it comes to dealing with a head lice problem.

Believe us, when we say that we have heard about some lovely non-traditional approaches that aren’t constantly as efficient as they assure to be. When we talked with a few parents about some head lice home remedies or treatments they have utilized for head lice invasions, one papa discussed that when he was a kid, his mother would use a whole jar of mayonnaise on his head and cover it with a shower cap for a few hours … and while mayonnaise and other fats do wonders for your hair, it won’t in fact do anything to obtain rid of lice.

How to Deal With Louse With Listerine. If your children are in school, you’re likely to experience louse. Think about utilizing Listerine as an alternative as its big percentage of alcohol can kill the lice.

1. Cover the facial location and ears completely and leave only the hair exposed. Cover the flooring and surrounding items or furnishings with blankets or bags.

2. Put Listerine in a spray bottle. You’ll require different quantities based on hair length.

3. Raise the hair ends and spray the scalp totally. Make sure the hair is filled.

4. Cover the hair with a shower cap or a plastic grocery bag. Twist it into a bun so that the bag or cap completely covers the head if the hair is long. Enable it to dry a minimum of 2 hours.

5. Utilize a louse comb to overcome the hair. This combing will remove the nits or pull any staying nits by hand. If you discover any live lice, deal with again.

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