Bio-Clean Drain Septic Bacteria

The majority of people disregard their waste system. When they need it most, it fails (Sundays, vacations, when entertaining guests, and so on). You might not know it but you need Bio Clean today. Start using Bio Clean now; it can, and will, keep your pipes and septic tanks tidy.

Bio-Clean utilizes this exact same principal to biodegrade natural waste that accumulates in your pipes system. The grease, hair, soap movie and organic waste are food for the germs in Bio-Clean. Bio Clean consumes its way up, down and throughout any pipeline or system. After it cleans your system, add Bio Clean regularly and it’ll stay clean. Bio Clean is effective, non-polluting and safe.

Bio-Clean includes billions of bacteria and as they consume, they double in number every 30 minutes! Within days Bio-Clean begins to eat through the gunk, bring back drain circulation to full capacity. Month-to-month Bio-Clean treatments will keep your drains pipes hassle-free and clean.

Bio-Clean is non-poisonous. This makes Bio-Clean safe for individuals, pipes and the environment. Bio-Clean changes the waste particles into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system.

Within an hour after putting the germs into the drain, the germs start to consume their way into the waste that has collected on the sides and top of the drain pipeline. This is their health food.

Residential and commercial applications. All drain and sewer pipelines, including:
– Kitchen area Sinks
– Lavatories
– Bath tubs
– Showers
– Flooring drains pipes
– Laundry drains
– Sewage-disposal tanks and drain fields
– Waste disposal unit odors
– Sewage ejector sumps
– Outside outhouses and cesspools
– R.V. & boat holding tanks
– Lift Stations
– Cat Litter Boxes

How does Bio-Clean work?
In nature all animal and vegetable matter is broken down and recycled into plant food by enzymes and bacteria. Bio-Clean utilizes this same principal to biodegrade organic waste that collects in your pipes system. Like all living things, germs should “consume” to make it through. Thankfully the grease, hair, soap film and natural waste are food for the germs in Bio-Clean. The enzymes prepare this “food” for the germs by breaking down the large particles into a size the bacteria can “swallow”.

When blended with water, Bio-Clean right away goes to work! The enzymes are extremely fast and begin breaking down waste on contact. Bio-Clean includes billions of germs and as they eat, they double in number every 30 minutes! Unlimited by gravity, they spread out through the entire pipes system, devouring all the organic waste.

Why use Bio-Clean?
Some bacteria are present in the waste these organisms do not work well on grease, protein and fiber. Futhermore, modern-day chemistry has provided us with sophisticated cleansing products made of complex particles. Ordinary germs just cannot break these chemicals down. Bio-Clean is specially formulated to bio-degrade ALL kinds of organic waste. Bio-Clean includes a bigger quantity, a higher quality and a distinct mix of components not discovered in other sewage-disposal tank products. In fact, Bio-Clean can even restore failing septic fields most of the times.

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